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Date Location Venue Details
  • Apr 24 México Televisa
  • Apr 28 México Telehit
  • May 7 Oaxaca Estación de Radio Amor


Ni Antes… Ni Después is Aneeka’s debut album that talks about love in all of its perspectives and shades. It is a fusion of pop, R&B and soul with a funky touch.


Reflejo Involuntario
Sin Combustible
Corazón Adentro
A Un Segundo de Odiar
Ojo por Ojo
Noches en Blanco
Demasiado Tarde
Cielo Cercano
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NI ANTES… NI DESPUÉS (“Neither Before… Nor After”) ANEEKA (ah-NECK-ah) takes her name from the Wayú dialect spoken by the Guajiro people in Venezuela, and it means “TO BELIEVE”. She was born in the small city of San Cristóbal in the state of Táchira, a region in the Venezuelan Andes. ANEEKA describes herself as a straight forward person who likes honesty, hates hypocrisy, and wants to surround herself with positive people. At the young age of nine, ANEEKA felt she was gifted with a special voice. She strongly believed in her ability to sing and has held that conviction ever si... Read More